Cargo Loss Control

As your loss control representative, we ensure your interests are protected. We lead the investigation into reconciling or explaining any discrepancies.

We can accurately monitor your cargo to ensure API/IP standards for quantity and quality control are strictly adhered by the Independent Inspection Company, track discrepancies and identify any areas of concern.

Onboard the vessel we verify that the cargo containment meets the specs of the charter party to ensure that there is no cargo contamination.

Ashore we verify that the cargo is directed into a suitable shore tank and if co-mingled with a product already in the tank, that the product in the tank is within specifications.

Our presence on board guarantees our client an advantageous position that includes


Identifying any shipside deficiencies with equipment, measuring instrumentation to establish any loading/discharging inadequacies.


Ensure that the correct, international standard measurement and calculation methods are utilized.


Detecting any deliberate theft during operations.


Motivating the ship's staff with a view to achieving maximum outturn quantities without unduly delaying the vessel and providing advice as required.

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